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Dear Members,

we're happy to announce that on June 29, 2022 at 18:30, we're finally back with the next angular meetup! The meetup will take place ON SITE at the office of Beyond Interfaces GmbH in Kalk.


  • #1: Standalone Components • Beyond the Theory
    by Christoph Höller

    One of the upcoming features in the Angular 14 will be Standalone Components. Modules will be optional in Angular 14 and you'll have the possibility to declare standalone components, pipes and directives

    Christoph Höller will talk about the key concepts of standalone components and how you use them in your applications to make your application more lightweight.

  • #2: Do's and Dont's for non-blocking UIs (Why resolvers can harm your User Experience and how to deal with it)
    by Maik Fischer

    Modern (Angular) apps are getting more and more complex and rely heavily on data from API's. Angular resolvers are one way to handle pre-fetching data for components but they come with a catch: the user will stare at a white background until the data is resolved - bad UX 😠.

    Maik Fischer will talk about non-blocking UX and how you should handle fetching data and loading states in your (angular) application by using reactive patterns and skeleton screens


  • 18:30
    Open Doors
  • 19:00
    Talk #1: Standalone Components • Beyond the Theory
  • 19:45
    Talk #2: Do's and Dont's for non-blocking UIs (Why resolvers can harm your User Experience and how to deal with it)
  • ~ 20:30
    Drinks / Snacks / Smalltalk


We will have the meeting in the office of beyond interfaces GmbH & Co. KG @ Eythstr. 17 - 51103 Cologne (Kalk-Kapelle)

We're looking forward to inspiring talks and discussions. Don't hesitate to get in touch!

Covid Regulations: Due to still rising COVID numbers in Cologne we decided that we want to make a negative COVID Test mandatory for attending the meetup.

We will have free tests available at the office and we also have a garden where you can have a drink until your test result is available. Also there is a free Test-Center right on the opposite side of our office, so we hope it won't be too much of a hassle for everyone and will lead to a more relaxed evening for all of us!